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For 30 years, since the early 1990s when China's first x86 motherboard was developed by Zeling, Seavo Technology (renamed from Zeling Company in 2003) has been dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of the motherboard for interconnectivity and computation. Seavo has served over 100 leading enterprises in a number of countries across more than 10 industries, and more than 10 million pcs of Seavo motherboard have been deployed worldwide.
As China's largest motherboard supplier for smart IoT devices, Seavo Technology has been a powerful promoter of mankind's attempts to transform machinery into human beings over the last few decades. Seavo aims to become the world's largest platform supplier for smart IoT devices. Seavo Technology will provide more Seavo solutions for people all around the world so that they can pursue exquisite lives full of beauty and convenience.
Lead the world's motherboard technologies and market
in the field of smart IoT devices,
Create an industry benchmark for quality,
Become a "small giant" enterprise that earns the respect of competitors and society.
Hold on to the development principle of "Less is more",
Adopt the ultimate management philosophy of discovering, caring for
and shaping talents (kindness-cause management 3.0),
Create beauty for staff and values for society.
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