Seavo Micro-ATX Motherboard

Micro-ATX (244*244mm) is a compact, highly-integrated Motherboard form factor standard, Seavo Micro-ATX Motherboard provides a wide variety of expansion interfaces such as PCI-E and PCI.

C62X series
C232 series
SER SV-600

Intel® Xeon E3 v5 CPU (LGA1151) with C232, Supports ECC and IPMI, 10*SATA, 2*LAN, 3*PCI-E

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H110 series
B150 series
H81 series
B85 series
B75 series

Intel® LGA1155 CPU with B75, 17*SATA, 2*1000 Mbps Intel LAN, 1*PCI-E 16X, 2*Mini-PCIe, NVR Alarm port

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Intel® LGA1155 CPU with B75, 12*COM, 12*USB, 2*LAN, 2*PCI-E, 2*PCI, 2*VGA, 1*DVI

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H61 series
Skylake-U series
Ivy Bridge series
Former Mobile
Apollo Lake series
Braswell series
Bay Trail series
Cedar Trail series
Pineview series
Former Atom
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